Thursday, September 10, 2015

Healey 12:52

Such a tough guy :)
Healey started school this week. I was a bit of an internal mess, but didn't actually shed any tears. It helped that she was so content with the teacher when I handed her over. Here's hoping that since she is a little big younger (Bimmer was 7 months when she started daycare and that was rough to watch her cry when I left each morning) she will be a total rockstar.
She has become quite the little chatterbox this week. Or well, compared to what she had been. She still can't get a word in edgewise with a father and big sister who never shut up. (Yes, I'm the quiet one in this family! Believe it or not!) When she's alone and in a happy mood, she just loves to chat. You talk to her and then give her a second and she'll start to make noises back at you. I can't decide if she is going to always be chill and quiet and let Bimmer run the show, or if one of these days she's just going to bust out with being a wild child and give us all a run for our money.
This week, we also put her in her Bjorn facing forward for the first time. Her little neck isn't quite 100% wobble-free yet, but she's pretty close. And she loved being able to look out and see stuff, versus being forced to stare at my chest. It's also a lifesaver for those times when you just can't push a stroller... like our excursion to NC to go apple picking. (More on that in an upcoming post!) Hard to believe it's true, but my little girl is growing up!
P.S. This photo is copyright by Rushing Life, even though I didn't have time to watermark

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