Thursday, September 24, 2015

Healey 14:52

Photo is copyright of Rushing Life
This week, Healey went on her first vacation!!! I'll update more on that in a separate post, but she did so well. She was a champ in her car seat, slept great, was able to hang with all our running about, and besides a massive blow-out diaper at a restaurant, she was a total travel rockstar! You know that makes this mama proud! And excited about future trips! 

She has gotten herself on a pretty normal sleep/eat schedule, which I love. It's happened pretty naturally, but she has a bottle shortly after we get home each evening and then another one around 9pm for bed. She goes straight down to sleep and has been sleeping most nights until 4am before she wakes up. She has her bottle and goes right back out. I know she's not taking huge long naps at daycare, but it seems to be working for us, so I'll take it. Getting up once a night and then right back to sleep ain't nothing to bitch about! Yes, she still sleeps in the bed with me, but I don't mind since she is on the other side (where Puff used to sleep.. LOL) until her bottle. After that, she usually is wiggly unless I snuggle her. But I not-so-secretly love it, so I'm fine with an hour or so of cuddles each morning. I feel like it's such a blessing I get to do some co-sleeping, since I wasn't sure I would get to with her being the second child.

She is just starting to get a little more friendly with the idea of holding a toy. Mostly she's content to play with a dress she's wearing or a bib, or to gnaw on a blanket/burp cloth/lovie. I can't wait for her to start wanting to play with toys. Although I'm sure her big sister isn't too keen on that idea! 

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