Thursday, January 30, 2014

White South Carolina

I'm totally skipping ahead of the other entries I had planned to bring you photos from our big snow day this week!
To recap... the south is not properly prepared for the snow and ice. Our cities just don't have the correct equipment. (Have you seen the photos and videos of Atlanta?!?! Ridiculous!!!) So when school closed early on Tuesday, I rolled my eyes a little bit. Our yard looked like this....
However, after a good two hour nap with Bimmer (hey - beats being at work, right?) there was a layer of white stuff in our yard. I was so excited to take Bimmer out to play... even though I am totally anti-cold weather and snow.
Looks like Bimmer isn't much of a snow baby. She didn't even want to walk outside! And this girl LOVES her some outside time!
She didn't want to take more than a few steps into the grass before running back to the clear driveway. She was very interested in all the birds (or "bobos") that were at our bird feeder. And when I finally got her inside she kept saying "cold" and I asked her if she liked the snow and she said "Oh no!" She did want to look out the window until it was dark. She kept saying "snowmies" which I'm guessing meant "snowman?"
The roads were icy the following morning, but by about 9am, they were fine. Puff went to work while I snuggled up with my baby girl. The snow was mostly melted by noon. While it wasn't the gorgeous snow I had hoped for, it was enough to give Bimmer a taste. And that was enough for both of us.
Especially when she got into my drawer, got out my bikini bottoms, put them on, and then got her suitcase and was walking around the house going "Bye bye!" Yup... I'm ready for a tropical destination myself!

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