Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Adult Life

I've been getting asked a lot of questions recently over here in the real world. Ya know, the place I live when I'm not blogging. Anyway, I realized that I have been bombarded in recent months with people inquiring about when I graduated college, when I moved here, how long Puff and I were married before we started trying to have a baby, etc. So, I figured maybe you were interested too. Here's my "Adult Life Time Line." Enjoy!
June 2000 - Graduated cum laude from my high school back in The Fort
Please don't judge this horrible photo - I had a fever and felt like ass!
August 2000 - Packed up and moved my ass to South Carolina as fast as humanly possible, to attend the University of South Carolina
Hanging out in Kimhead's freshman dorm room
December 2003 - Took my last class EVER, got my first apartment, and started an internship to finish my schooling
May 2004 - I graduated. But not really. I didn't walk, so there was no fanfare, no cap and gown. None of that nonsense. I don't have the patience for graduations. Not even my own. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever met me. Ever.
The girls after graduation
June 2004 - Got a big girl job
May 2007 - Packed up and moved to another city with The Ex to start a new career and new life. We would break up less than a year later.
My apartment with The Ex
June 2008 - Met Puff and lived happily ever after :)
The first photo of us ever, from our third date after going to a flea market
July 2009 - Moved in with Puff
The living room after adding a few of my things. This room should be painted soon! Yay!
December 2009 - Puff proposed to me while in NYC on vacation
Scene of the crime in NYC's Central Park, the morning after the proposal
May 2010 - Tied to knot!
May 2011 - Threw away the birth control as we left for our anniversary trip to Scandinavia
October 2011 - Found out I was pregnant with Bimmer!!!!
Five weeks pregnant on vacation in Folly Beach, SC
May 2012 - Bimmer was born
So, there you have it. A general over-view of the past 13 years of my life. It's hard to believe that if Puff and I stay in SC, in just a few short years, I will have lived here longer than I lived in The Fort. That's a strange concept to wrap my head around. It's been a wild ride, full of lots of travel and adventures, friends and boyfriends, laughter and tears. But it's all brought me here to where I am today. A happily married wife, hard working career woman, and mother to the best most amazing baby girl (err... toddler) in the whole entire world!

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