Saturday, January 18, 2014

And 32 it is

Wow... did I seriously just turn 32?!? Sheesh... that number makes it seem like I really should be an adult or something. I'm not qualified for that. I've never been super huge about celebrating birthdays. I'm not the person in the office that needs everyone to take her out to lunch, or the wife who expects breakfast in bed. Eh... it's a birthday. Just a badge of surviving one more year on this earth! I think it's because my birthday comes immediately following the whirlwind 6 weeks of Thanksgiving, all the Christmas hoopla, and then New Years.
I started my day by finding my desk covered with photos of Troy Aikman, and some of Cowboys cheerleaders with my face on them. Then my awesome coworkers took me out to lunch to celebrate. That night, Puff and Bimmer put together my gifts while I was at the gym, but I decided I was too worn out for anything major that night, so we just went to dinner at Panera and spent the night cuddling together as a family watching TV. Sometimes the actual day of your birthday doesn't have to be a blow out.
Saturday morning, I took Bimmer for a Mommy & Daughter adventure while Puff cut the grass and raked leaves! After Bimmer's nap, it was time to get working on opening some of those gifts. Bimmer gave me two cards that she had colored on and decorated with stickers.
The rundown of gifts included two new bras, three new pairs of panties, some makeup brushes, a monogrammed makeup bag, a gnome figurine, and a shirt from LOFT.
My birthday meal came on the Sunday after my birthday when we headed to a local bar/restaurant for a yummy brunch. Bananas foster French toast anyone? The funniest gift came that day from Bimmer when she was flirting with our waiter. He was flirting back, and at one point he was leaning down giggling with her and when he stood up and turned around, he tripped over a chair. That's my girl. Make the boys fall all over you!

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