Tuesday, January 28, 2014

20 Month Update

* Just after I posted her 19 month update, this girl started busting out with lots of new communication! She is grouping words that make sense... "Bye bye, Dada," "Up Mama Please," and "Baby Pillow." My favorite was "Baba, Nite Nite" which means "get me my damn bottle, I'm tired!" She has also figured out the word "mine" which is definitely fun. One night she was being super whiny and I was frustrated and finally just asked her what she wanted and she put her hand on her chest and she said, "me." First, it broke my heart. Second, I realized it was a step forward because she was starting to be able to tell me when she just needed some cuddles and attention. Another instance was when she was pointing to a table where there was a sippy cup and her sunglasses. I handed her the sippy cup and she said, "No! Eye!" Which, of course, meant she wanted her sunglasses. She didn't know what to call them, but knew they were for her eyes. Midway through the month, she busted out with "Dada go walk?" She was wanting him to take her out for a walk! And just in the past few days, she's busted out with words I didn't know she knew, like "pig" and "goat." She's also started saying "Get up" whenever I'm going to the bathroom and she's in there with me. And just the other day, she was yelling "Mama butt" from behind me. When I turned around, I realized she wanted me to button her coat. How cute! Can you tell I'm getting excited about this stage in her development?
* We are working on some behavioral issues. They got pretty out of control when we were in The Fort visiting family. I think she just got to "showing off" for my parents. She was not on her best behavior at restaurants (grabbing handfuls of mac & cheese and squishing it between her fingers, for example) and lots of not listening when we told her no. Since we have been home, there have been incidents of slapping us, disobeying, laughing when we discipline her, and biting. One night I even had to bust out the Kool-Aid powder after she bit me. Oh, the terrible twos before she's even two.
* I have officially given up on the sippy cup for now. It's inevitable that she will get sick between now and spring and need medicine (like the antibiotic she's on right now for an ear infection), so I'm just not interested in fighting over that morning & bedtime bottle. Not more than we need to, anyway. She will give it up in her time, just like she got into her crib in her own time. I would like to be done with them by her 2nd birthday in May, but otherwise, I'm done worrying about it.
* To say this kid is obsessed with Elmo is probably the understatement of the century. I have no idea where she got this crazy obsession, but now she asks to watch him ALL. THE. TIME. She even knows how to turn on the DVD player when we tell her that Elmo isn't on right now. Too smart for her own good. Lucky for us, she has Elmo diapers and an Elmo toothbrush, so at least those things aren't fights!
* She has discovered that she has long hair. She does it most often in the bath, but she likes to swing it back and forth so it flies into her face. Sometimes she chooses to do this during dinner, which isn't as cute. But it makes me wonder if/when we need to start thinking about a haircut. Her boyfriend at school just got his first. But hey, that's a boy... she can wait a little while longer, right?
* She is still mostly wearing size 18-24 months clothes, except her pajamas. She always goes up a size early in those. So she's rocking some 24 months and 2T pajamas for now. They give her a little room to grow. She is still in size 4 diapers (and we found Pampers Swaddlers in this size finally, so we're excited, since they fit her better, even if they're a bit more expensive) but she is leaps and bounds ahead in the swimwear category. I've already bought her a few suits for this summer and bought a 3T! I guess the stretchiness of it all just lends itself to needing to be a size up. I am worried about her little belly this summer getting in the way of shorts. I guess I have a few more months to worry about that!
* Much to my amazement, she can totally do her Melissa & Doug puzzles on her own. No coaching necessary. I didn't realize it until one night I asked her to pick up the pieces (which she loves to throw on the ground) and I watched her put them all back in their correct spaces! She also does a lot of cooking in her new kitchen. Books are still her favorite. We ask her to point to things on the pages, rather than just always read the words, and I really think it has helped her development to get that extra dose of learning.
* Now when she wants you to come with her or do something, she is becoming very good at her little "come on" hand. She sometimes will even get behind you and push you to start walking or to move to a different spot. She also pats down on the couch or next to her on the floor when she wants you to sit with her. She is good about saying "walk" or "down" when you are holding her and she wants her freedom. On the flip side, there is a lot of "up" coming from her too so that we hold her. I can't get mad at her though, she always says "please" (and signs it too) whenever she wants to be held. Sometimes, she just says "please" and forgets the "up." I can't deny her when she uses her manners, even if I'm in the middle of something!

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