Saturday, March 2, 2013

Project 52 - Week 40

It is so blowing my mind right now that Bimmer has been outside my body longer than she was inside me! I've been nurturing her and caring for her and loving her for 18 months now. It's been the best of my life!

Bimmer has finally discovered a TV show that is her jam. It's called "Doc McStuffins" or something like that on Disney Junior. If we need her to stay awake longer than she wants or if I just want a chill out moment with a still child, I pop that show on. She will actually sit still and stare at it for a good 15 minutes. It's amazing.

She has been very vocal this week... we think she was talking about who should be the new pope. After a Sunday night fever and a sick day at home with Mommy on Monday, we realized she had another ear infection. We have scheduled an appointment for two weeks to see the ENT. It is time to start talking about tubes. This poor girl has just been miserable for way too long.
She also seems to be getting into everything these days! Puff let her discover that she can stand up in the bathtub and reach the toilet paper, so that's been a new battle. Hopefully we can squash that one here soon! Oh - and the girl is loving some shredded mozzarella cheese these days. It's been a new thing this week for her and I can't say I blame her for scarfing it down!

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The Fischer Family said...

We love Doc McStuffins! Such a cute show! I hope the ENT spot goes well. Ear infections are so miserable so I hope they can get her (and you!) some peace!