Monday, March 14, 2011

The Sunny Side

I so promise this is the last decorating update you'll get for awhile. At least until we get the bathroom painted and updated sometime hopefully in April. To be continued...
Anyway, the FIL was in town from Michigan this past weekend. (More on that later.) And with his pending arrival, I was cleaning frantically and making sure the house was in order. I had the house as perfect as I could get it with what we had. And that *should* have been good enough. But then, my stupid decorating bug hit me again, and I was convinced I could do a quick and cheap makeover to our sunroom. (Ya know, since the FIL cares about throw pillows and such!)
Here's what it looked like to start with...
It's perfectly fine, right? (Minus the chipped paint on the ceiling. I swear The Bungalow is a never-ending paint pit!) But yeah, I just wanted to jazz it up a little bit. I set my budget for $150. Mind you, I set this budget at about 10am on Thursday, when the FIL was arriving on Friday. Cue a frantic trip to TJ Maxx during my lunch break on Thursday. Cue an equally, if not more so, frantic trip to Target, 20 minutes the other direction, on the SAME lunch break since the first stop was a bust. SCORE! Target saved the day! (And I was only 15 minutes late getting back to work!)
::drumroll please::
I'm SOOOO happy with the changes! I had originally thought of a more turquoise color scheme, but I definitely got inspired by the World Market rug I had found online, and subsequently bought Thursday evening. Not bad for a 15 minute hurried dash through Target with the loudest cart in the world!
How did the budget break down?
Ottoman: $59.99
Placemat: $2.25
Large pillow: $24.99
Small pillow: $14.99
Lampshade: $7.99
Throw: FREE (gift from Grandma from Xmas)
Rug: $36.00 (Which was on sale PLUS a 10% off coupon I got for joining their rewards program!)
Total cost: $146.21
I'm pretty proud of myself, if you didn't notice! I always have thought I could create a cute room with minimal cost if just given an inspiration and motivation. A fairly blank slate didn't hurt either! And to toot my own horn for a second longer, I even had a friend email me with decorating questions! I totally hope she takes my advice... her bedroom would look stellar painted in a light sage green!
Until the big bathroom reveal, happy decorating!

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Rachel Price said...

LOVE it!! It makes a world of difference in that room!!