Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've Caught the Decorating Bug

I never intended for this to turn into a decorating blog. And I promise it won't stay that way. I blame my OCD. Or rather, the "O" part of my personality that gets me stuck on one topic and I can't shake it until another, more shiny topic comes along. I suppose I could be writing about fashion or baby names or sex toys instead. (Remind me to totally write a blog about sex toys!)
Anyway... after my mantle obsession, which was momentarily fixed by ordering a vase from West Elm, some dried florwers from Michael's, and a promise from Puff of buying something super cool in Scandinavia to fill in the center, I let it go. But my focus shifted to our bookshelf in the hallway instead. It had been very much a "bachelor" organized bookshelf, with just a few things of mine that I crammed on the shelf when I moved in. And after plopping down our very cool new rug from West Elm (that store is newly dangerous to my wallet) I thought it needed a makeover.
So, here's what we started with... (Not sure why the pic is fuzzy!)
It just didn't have that magazine or catalog pizzazz that I wanted it to have. (Again, I totally want my shelves to look like the professionally arranged ones in a Pottery Barn catalog.) So, one day on my lunch break, I began the process of moving things around to see what looked best. A new tray from World Market and 2 new frames from Michael's and a long lunch break later, this is what I created...
And yes, I did stand there for a few minutes admiring my work... and nit-picking it as well. I'm still not 100% sure about the Cowboys book on the third shelf, but I felt like I needed some height on that shelf and it was what I had that worked best. So, for now, my "O" is satisifed with this project.
I wonder what we'll latch on to next??????

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