Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chump Change

Unfortunately, I am not the winner of the $300+ million lottery. Could you even imagine? Dude... the lump sum payment was $203 million. Unfathomable!
So, of course with all the buzz in the news about this major jackpot, I couldn't resist asking Puff what he thought we should do with the money. Houses, cars, and travel were on the list, of course. But more on that in a minute. The funniest thing of all was when Puff said, "Yeah, I'd probably get a nicer used BMW." Um... see. The thought of $203 million is so unfathomable, my dear husband still thinks he'd have to buy a USED car!
The general consensus seemed to be to pay off our current house and use it as an investment property. Then, we'd buy another house on our most coveted street, but we'd still probably top out about $700,000 on that one. We still haven't even spent our first million and we've got a rock star house AND one to rent out! As for cars, I would get a Nissan Murano (dreaming big, people, dreaming big) and Puff would get a 4-door BMW 3 series. A new one! And probably some kind of convertible that has a backseat. That would be our little splurge.
Oh, and did I mention that both of us said we would go back to work? I would be the worst stay-at-home wife/mother imaginable. I'd go insane! Even with all that money, you can't be traveling the world all the damn time. And that down-time would be a good time to have a job to eat up some of those hours. Speaking of travel, you can bet we'd be finally taking an African safari, a trip around New Zealand and Australia, spending some time on a beach in the Caribbean, stalking moose in Alaska, and driving through Croatia & Slovenia. Sounds good, doesn't it?
And yes, we're not idiots... we'd be putting aside money for retirement and for our unconceived children's future. And we'd probably dump some in the stock market, just to see how it plays out and if we can make wise investments. I'd even offer to help my mom with her medical bills. But we did decide we were NOT going to start paying off family member's debts or helping them pay off their mortgages. The second you start into that crap, the second you lose control and people start coming out of the woodwork wanting you to help. And yeah, I'm not really one for helping people. (I try. I really do. But it's just not in me a lot of the time. Sorry to disappoint you.)
So... what would you do with that kind of money?

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Rachel Price said...

He wouldn't want the 5 series BMW? haha