Friday, October 23, 2015

Healey 17 & 18:52

Yikes - I'm totally behind on blogging. There will be a few coming up shortly I promise, and then an announcement on something that's been brewing for awhile. In the meantime, here are Healey's 17 and 18 week updates in one :)

Photo is copyright Rushing Life
My sweet, quiet baby has started to talk just a teensy bit more than in recent weeks. I love to hear her voice, but don't get to hear it very often. She only cries if she's hungry, tired, or having a diva moment and needs to be held. 9 times out of 10, if you pick her up, she stops crying immediately. She still loves to just look around and observe. 

She has found her feet and loves to grab them. She hasn't made them to her mouth yet though. I'm noticing that when people call her by name, she seems to smile most of the time. Maybe she knows her name??? Or she just loves the attention. She wants to sit up so badly... she is constantly leaning up in her car seat to try to sit up. I'm hopeful she will start to sit on her own here soon. It would be great if she could by Halloween so I can get photos of her sitting up in her costume! Because, let's be real... photos of Bimmer holding her are quite hilarious.

Oh yeah, and she got her two bottom teeth!!!

Photo is copyright Rushing Life
Spit bubbles.

That's our big accomplishment this week. She has figured out how to blow giant spit bubbles and insists on doing it all the time. If you sputter your lips back at her, she smiles and then blows more spit. Major things happening here. 

She could be close to rolling over if she would try harder. But she just is content to stay pretty stationary. If you give her a little push, it really just has to be a LITTLE one, because she could roll if she wanted to. I'm not always a super fan of that milestone though - because then elevated surfaces become a lot more treacherous. 

She has sat up by herself for maybe a max of 20 seconds. I'm banking on her being able to sit up by 5 months, since she didn't hit the 4 month mark like her over-achieving big sister did. 

She is also such a Daddy's girl lately! I honestly hope she stays that way for him. It's so sweet to see her light up when she sees him. 

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