Friday, October 9, 2015

Healey 16:52

This photo is copyright Rushing Life
Healey was out and about a lot this week. She hit up plenty of stores and restaurants and her first Oktoberfest. She survived some of the worst rains our state has ever seen. (Thankfully we didn't experience any flooding near our house.) And as long as she had her bottles regularly and got plenty of snuggles and sleep, she was content to do whatever we were.
I've noticed her being pretty quiet the past week or two. She doesn't babble like Bimmer did at this age. She's just a quiet baby, I suppose. She has her 4 month well-visit later this month, so I'll be sure to ask about that. I can only compare her to her big sister, since that's all I know. I know that Bimmer was a jabbery baby and that she sat up around 4 months old. She also could scoot herself backward when she was mad and would dig in her heels. She also was much more interested in trying to hold toys. Healey is quiet. She is fairly close to sitting up by herself though, which I am excited about. It hasn't occurred to her yet to dig her heels into the bed when she cries, which I'm happy about. She can roll from her back to her side though, so we need to start being more vigilant about her being on our bed. And just this week, I've actually seen her holding a few toys and trying to chew on them. And reaching for them too. She is also sometimes putting her hands on her bottle to try to hold it.
She is so tolerant of her big sister... who sometimes seems like she's going to squeeze Healey so hard that her head will pop off. Sometimes she gives me a look of "Mommy, save me from this crazy person" and others she's content to smile and try to laugh at her big sis. She's so fast to smile... when she smiles, it's super quick and then she goes back to her stone cold observing face. It's pretty hilarious. But when she does smile, it melts my heart.

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