Saturday, November 8, 2014

Real Light Living

It was a chance happening just over a year ago that I was introduced by a colleague of mine to a beautiful, sweet woman named Logan. And, chance have it, she was a blogger. Like, a for real, legit one. So much so, that she had a blogging conference called Allume. Yes, it was a Christian based conference for women who blog way more frequently and better than I, but I just felt this pull. I had to see what it was all about. And when I had the chance to meet up with several of the other women involved, I felt a bond. I definitely needed to swing by and check it out.
So I made the trek into Greenville one day, at the invitation of these lovely ladies, to join them in worship, hospitality, friendship, and blogging. It was an experience I will never forget... even though I didn't delve into all parts of the conference. And no, I'm not as "Jesus-y" as they all are. But I accepted their hugs, and their blessings, and their prayers. New friends prayed over me when they knew I had to have a medical procedure (which I may or may not eventually share here) and it was probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.
All this being said... I just wanted to take a second to give these wonderful women a shout out. Check out the Allume page, read about their speakers, be on the look-out for updates on their blogs about the next steps they are taking. And for real, see if you can find some links for their vendors. I have never been so drawn to want to buy anything ever. Organizations that help orphans in Africa (where I bought Bimmer a giraffe ornament) and others who help beaten women in Haiti (where I bought a necklace). Another who helps children with heart defects in Iraq, whose video during one of the sessions brought tears to my eyes. (I bought a t-shirt.)

I know that church and God have never been a huge part of my life. Nor do I know that I am ready to commit whole-heartedly to attending one right now, especially since Puff and I can't make a decision on which denomination feels right for our family. But I will say that every once and awhile, feeling that overwhelming love from people of God is an amazing experience. I feel blessed to have met these ladies and stood in their presence, and to have forwarded their cause for just a blip on the InterGoogle.

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