Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Preppy Whale Fashion

I've never been crazy about shopping or fashion. My lack of caring about my wardrobe was probably one of the big reasons I never dated anyone seriously in high school. I digress...
Now that I am married to Puff the Fashionista, my clothing choices have vastly improved. Now, I still prefer to lounge around in a good tee from Old Navy and some running shorts with flip flops, but lately, I've been trying to pick up pieces from local boutiques and Banana Republic and J. Crew. I needed to share my latest obsession... Vineyard Vines.
I learned about it from my friend Rowdy when she told me that Bimmer's birthday party theme (preppy whales) was "very Vineyard Vines." I had to Google it! And I've been dying over every piece in their collection ever since. Of course, it's not cheap. As in $100 oxfords and $120 beach cover-ups. I broke down and bought one dress, which I wore to my friend's wedding in Hilton Head this summer.
But now they're sending me catalogs. And they have kid's clothes. And Bimmer and I could get matching Mommy & Me whale tunics!
So... a few photos from their website of things I am currently drooling over....


Now if I can just lose a few more pounds so I can justify needing a new wardrobe!

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