Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photog Shout Out

I have a long overdue shout out to give... to my old college roommate and friend, Anna.
She is a globe-hopping photographer, writer, and gnome-lover, whose life I continuously envy. She has lived in Europe, Australia, and Asia. Her adventures run the gamut from tales of British pubs to hiking in the Himalayas.
I always like to point out that while she has lived more places, traveled more extensively and more exotically than I have, I am still beating her in the number of states I have visited. (Probably not for long!)
So... you need to check out her blog. Her talent is undeniable. And she is one of those friends that is just too awesome to have... she sends Bimmer postcards from India and lets the rest of us common folk live vicariously through her and her amazing photos!

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