Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Me & Bimmer

The first day of being a single parent went horribly wrong. It was not a good way to begin. I ended up waiting 90 minutes at my doctor's office (20 of them naked!!!) and had to leave before I even saw the doctor, since daycare was going to be closing and I needed to get Bimmer before they sat her on the curb.
Ya know she's pretty cute and someone probably would have wanted to take her home. At least until she bit them.
I had a big client in that week, so I was already on pins & needles, having to go in early, stay a little late, and just be on my A game. I was wanting to give a C effort that week at work so I could focus more on Bimmer at home. Just as I was about to break down on that first night - after her temper tantrum and giving her microwaved mac & cheese for dinner because I just didn't have the energy to make anything worthwhile - she wanted me to sit with her on the kitchen floor. She backed her little booty up into my lap. And all was right with the world.
The second night, I was able to pick her up on time from school and we had a wonderful night hanging out, playing in the bath, talking on Skype with Puff, and she even slept through the night for me! We were back on track and I was feeling hopeful. By the fourth night, we were in a groove. We played on the deck, took a walk through the neighborhood, watched Animal Planet, and I showered her with kisses.
The full weekend alone with her was looming and it had me scared from the get-go. Thankfully, she slept in both days, we got some errands run, TV watched, games played, song sung, bubbles blown, balls bounced, books read, slides slid at the park, and we even hit up a birthday party for a few hours.
By the start of the second week, it was old hat. I had a routine and it was working. I was enjoying not having to share a bed with Puff and since Bimmer was a little clingy with him being gone, I was reaping the benefit of all those extra hugs and snuggles. It was rough not having him there to help, but I was managing. The only thing that really got left behind was my exercise routine. And who are we kidding? It wasn't that regular to begin with.
As the second week wore on, however, Bimmer started to act out. I couldn't really place why... she didn't seem to be in pain or too tired. Then it hit me... Daddy had been gone for over a week. It was starting to wear on her. She had two modes... super clingy or super cranky. She wanted to always sit in my lap. She wanted to only eat what I was eating. She didn't want to leave school some days. She didn't want to take a bottle in the morning unless I sat and held her. It was all a bit nuts. Thankfully, a dear friend invited us over one night for a play date, so I could catch my breath.
Then "the armadillo" came back under the house. Seriously, universe? Just get me through another few days!
The last two days of my single parent run, daycare was closed. Yup... they close every August for a mass cleaning. It was like having another weekend pop up on me way too soon. And not in a good way. More fretting and silently freaking out over how to entertain a toddler for two full days with no help. Of course, it turned out to be awesome. I am so thankful there is such an awesome park less than 5 minutes from the house. Between time there, lunch dates with friends, and surprising Puff at the airport when he arrived, we managed.
Seeing Bimmer run up to Puff at the airport when she saw him brought tears to my eyes. She had missed her daddy as much as I had. Here's hoping we don't ever have to be apart from each other for that long again!

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The Fischer Family said...

Wow! I have been very blessed that Steven has never had to be away that long. The longest ever was 4 days and that was hard enough! It sounds like you did fabulous! It's amazing what we can do when we have to isn't it?!?