Sunday, November 8, 2015

Healey 20:52

Photo copyright of Rushing Life
This week, Healey found her voice! She just started babbling on Sunday and it is the cutest thing ever. She is so content and sweet when she chats. She squeals too. And we heard her first real, honest, giggles too! 

We visited with friends and she LOVED the activity mat with the bar over it that her baby had, so I just had to go buy her one. Bimmer helped me put it together and Healey loves hers too! I like that she turns and almost has to roll to reach the farthest ones. Since she can't roll over yet, I am hoping this will encourage her to do so. Although then I can't leave her unattended on the bed anymore! Pros and cons, right? 

Healey also had her first Halloween. She was a champ during trick-or-treat and everyone loved our little bumble bee. Puff and I are already trying to think of what to dress her as for next year! I'm hoping I can come up with a theme while the girls are young enough to think that's still cool. 

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